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Sportster guy on SR 167

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Hi there ! I couldn't help noticing you on your brand new Sporty, Cool bike !. I'm assuming it's your first bike because there appears to be something the salesman forgot to mention when you bought it, since we're kinda "Bros" now, I figure I'll help out.....

Notice how the right side of the handlebar turns? we call that the "throttle", now what you do with the "throttle" is you turn it untill the little pointer on the "speedometer" points to the same number that's on the big signs on the side of the road, I'm sure you've seen them.....White sign, black numbers and they say "Speed Limit" ?

I only mention this because while you were poking along in the carpool lane this morning at a nice safe-n-sane 45~55, the actual "speed limit" was 60....most people appreciate you trying to go that fast, maybe even just a hair faster....we won't mind. I know this because of the dozen or so cars you had backed up behind you, not a one of them seemed to want to go any slower, and I'm guessing here, but I'd say since getting to work on time is always an issue most of them would have liked to go quite a bit faster. If they didn't, I'm guessing they'd be crawling along at 15 or 20 in the regular lanes......

No problem really except for those little sayings you may have heard like "Slow Traffic Keep Right" or perhaps "Keep Right Except to Pass"......Then there's "Get the F**k Out of the Way Before I Punt You Into the F****g Weeds".... I have to admit "Bro" that's the one I was thinking of as I crawled along behind you, wondering how you managed to see with your head so far up your ass.....If it wasn't for the cop behind me, I guess I might have been tempted, but hey, I'm a nice guy and since we're "bros" and all........

Any way...have a nice day, I like your bike. It's really nice.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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