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Sportster invasion!

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Never seen a BSA A65L in person? Man do I feel old, having owned and ridden that model and earlier BSAs. VWW
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Re:cycle-psychos invade wally*world, film at 11:00

LOL, I'd pay to see that! The entertainment factor increases with the girth of the rent-a-cop.

A true Ruckus Ruction would be "economy" size rent-a-cops in Harley Davidson (tm) golf carts after a clutch of Ruckii with super-soakers.
Just remember to NOT park a gel-padded seat in the summer sun.... YIKES!
Re: hmmmmm

didn't think of that, maybe i'll just go with differant foam and leather.(with fringe and concho's of course)
Re: hmmmmm

Or stick a white sheet over it when you park it. Just expect a big and unpleasant surprise if you neglect to do so. And it stays hot a loooong time.

I'm thinking more of than newer foam that holds its shape much longer. I'm in the market to get my GSX's seat redone soon also.
Hey Alfonse!

Great article and lots of pics. I love it. Of course being there myself doesn't make me biased...nawww. It was an awesome weekend full of fun, riding and camaraderie. I'm already looking forward to next year.

Re:new seat

rick mayer looks like they do a really nice job on seats, their web site says they'll work off your seat pan and riding position to get the fit just right.

I was thinking about them but the guy in seattle is local and turn-around time is real fast (same day apparently) so I'll probably stick with them.
Sorry Benji, but no, I don't see the difference... nor the point to the comment. The sporty clubs toured their way to a party while you harrassed the rental cops @ Walmart, still working on your permit to ride?

Walmart parking lots are nothing compared to the real world! :)

21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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