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I think all the 600s have the same fuel taps. They are made of some kind of plastic and the one in the rear is probably the most prone to damage. When you prop the tank up you have to pull it back a ways and if it falls off it's prop the rear fuel tap smacks the seat frame rail. At least that's how I think I broke mine. It didn't leak right away, but when it decided to go it dumped a lot of gas through the bike. Anyway, I bought replacement taps from some online outfit that were for Ducatis and cost about $22 a piece, so with one of those in hand I set about replacing the broken one. My God what a job. It turns out some knucklehead at Triumph decides to glue the thing into the tank and the only way to get it out was to dig it out with a pipe tap. Since it's plastic it comes out fairly easily, but I had to grind the tap (because I used a tapered pipe tap for a straight hole) to fit further down into the threaded hole to reach the last bit of thread. All the while the tank had to be propped upside down and I was worried about scratching the tank. Anyway, it took a couple hours and a lot of fiddling to fix it.

I think the replacement is made of metal. Use PTFE thread tape on the new one to seal it. Just be careful when the tank is removed to protect the gas taps underneath. Also, the wiring and tubing must have been assembled by a blind person, so take some time to reroute them so they aren't stretched.

I'm all for quick disconnect fittings and progress and all, but I could rebuild the top end of my old Triumph in the time it took to check the valves on my new one, which is what eventually led to my having to replace the tap. ...and this story cost me $11.95!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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