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I had a Yamaha Royal Star and I always thought it would make a super platform for extensive customization. Its a bloody big impressive whopper off the shelf with double exhausts both sides.

Also the V-4´s wide power band allows 0-120 km/h on second gear. In town I do 3 times as many gear changes on my Fat Boy because trashy high rev nature of V-2.

- cruiz-euro
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Ya that motor rocks. It's a V-max motor with a larger bore. It lacks the V-boost in the intake, but packs the 80lb-ft of torque like the max.. What a rush to ride - Like a small block chevy going up hill - it just keeps pulling.
Is it just me or does it seem like Yamaha is moving away from the v-4? I just glanced thru the Star lineup the other day and I seemed like only the Royal Stars (the goldwings of the line up) and the Vmax still had a V-4.

So, is the V-twin cheaper or is it just a cruiser thing?
>So, is the V-twin cheaper or is it just a cruiser


Exactly - its both. But having had cruisers of both configurations I can testify V-4 is a superior concept. But going from there, the boxer 6 of a Valk must be a real killer. Never ridden one but that´s the next on the list.

- cruiz-euro
Isn't the first customization getting the badge off the tank ASAP?
At least the badges don't rattle off like some other brand that will remain nameless.
When did Yamaha ever have a large V-4 line up? Royal Stars and V-Maxes are the only V-4s they have ever had as far as I know. V-2s are whats popular, then again most who ride V-2s have never ridden a V-4.
Yer cheaper models have stickers so you have to break out the blow dryer.
Half the fun is finding the parts that fell off. It's a self-made treasure hunt!
I'm just waiting for the first guy to tattoo "Royal Star" on himself.
I don't think an establishment company can create a counter culture. May be wrong, but it's usually the counter culture that creates the establishment, not the other way around. And the harder they try the worse it's going to fail.
What ya mean establishment? Star is a new badass Japanese motorcycle company, ain't it? Wait a minute! I thought the guys that rode Japanese motorcyles hated all that Harley tough guy stuff. Anytime I see a commercial for Star, there are all kinds of psudo-toughs with arms crossed, tats showin, and vests and everything. Chrome, hardtails, and custom paint everywhere. They now promote everything they hated about the Harley lifestyle, but are now dying to copy. Just think, 25 years ago Honda and Yamaha (I meant Star, cough, cough) told Harley that the V-Twin was an inferior design! Now 75% of their U.S. business is based on inferiority. They sure been fillin up on crow over the last 20 years!
Nobody's got pins like Star owners got pins!
How come you left Suzuki and Kawasaki out of your little rant?
I guess cuz it's Yamaha oops! Star that uses all the burly guys in its advertising.
Honda Goldwingers are heavily laden with pins.
It's kinda like Yamaha (damn, I mean Star) copying Harley Davidson copying the New School customizers who copied the Old School chopper guys who evolved from the original bobber guys.
I guess the bottom line here is that, as a sportbike enthusiast, I care enough about Harley's to hate them with a passion; hell, I get up earlier in the morning sometimes, just so I can hate them longer. I don't gave a damn one way or another about Stars or any of the other faux Harleys either.
Long, it ain't Yamaha's fault, they make what they think will sell, period. Yeah lots of Harley copies as far as I am concerned and YES the Harley's V-Twins, cc 4 cc is an inferior design compared to metric I-4's and V-4's. Just because they are copied does not make them better, just wanted by folks who don't know better. Fact is. I wish metrics would stick with making better products instead of copying crap. Even HD had Porche design them a MUCH better V-twin and even though it's smaller it's a much better motor. Now those are the facts.
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