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I had a Yamaha Royal Star and I always thought it would make a super platform for extensive customization. Its a bloody big impressive whopper off the shelf with double exhausts both sides.

Also the V-4´s wide power band allows 0-120 km/h on second gear. In town I do 3 times as many gear changes on my Fat Boy because trashy high rev nature of V-2.

- cruiz-euro
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bull *****, Shovelheads are as good as any other bike of the time. My 1980 74" had front and rear disc brakes, electronic ignition, a factory oil cooler, got 50 mpg on unleaded and factory bags, everything bolted together with Allen heads or Stainless nut's and bolts. The Japanese were still using points and rear drums, pot metal nuts and bolts and phillips head screws, The first Goldwings didn't even have factory bags.

How many early '80's Japanese bikes are still on the road? how much are they worth? Shovelheads are worth more now than when they were new.l
Kawasaki ran one for their cruisers for a while, something along the lines of some dip ***** riding past the sheriffs office in a small town and the caption was like "just once, wouldn't it be cool to have them think "better watch this one..."

I thought yeah right, till you're spread-eagled over the cop cars hood with a Glock stuck in your ear and some 22 year old pig shaking like a leaf and screaming at you.......
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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