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Nice poseur-wear.
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I like it a lot; it's nice and simple. These days, a lot of the jackets out there too closely resemble the top half of a power ranger uniform.

I'd like to see a wider range of jackets with subtle graphics.
Princess Seam

A Princess Seam is a set of dressmaker seams which run down the front of a garment, shaped approximately like a pair of parenthesis )( going across the front of the bustline and then either straight down the torso past the waist and hiplines, or just across the waist and then flaring back out at the hipline. This particular reverse curve seam is used in place of darts on womens clothing. They (or darts) are necessary because as I'm sure we've all noticed, they have those lovely curves in places we guys don't. And as any mathematician will tell you, mapping a flat surface (say, cloth, or a piece of flat leather.) to a three dimensional curved surface (mmmm. curved surfaces.) is difficult, to say the least. And hey, if the girlies can be wearing armored leather jackets and still show off all those mathematically interesting complex curves, so much the better.

-Kawazuki, not just a biker, software engineer, and welder, but a tailor, too.
Re: Princess Seam

Hrmmm. Sorry, that probably should have read "to a three dimensional object which is curved on more than one axis." Ohwell.

-Kawazuki, overpedantic.
I'd never buy a brand specific gear setup since I don't have any particular brand of motorcyle that I stay with through the years.

Besides, they're way overpriced compared to their brand named counterparts..

the best (in my opinon) for NOT having the 'power ranger' look, is the Alpinestars stuff.

I've got the whole setup.

Jacket,pants,gloves,boots. (black/silver/gray)

although... my non-motorcycle friends still think it's a power rangers outfit!!, but what do they know.

I just bought the mesh Joe Rocket stuff for summer.. very cool, I just hope it'll hold up if I crash!
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Re: Princess Seam

What does "overpedantic" mean?
Yeah, I just seen that Joe Rocket mesh jacket at the local bike shop the other day, Let us know how it works when it's really hot out, cause' when it's like 90 plus and humid, I can't stand wearing any normal type jacket, which is kind of foolish, cause' if I go down with just jeans, tee shirt and gloves, it might not be pretty.
I have the Joe Rocket Phoenix jacket--happen to live in Phoenix, too. It works well. Let's face it, though, when it's 110, you're going to be hot.
I have a joe rocket phoenix jacket and a.) it's a heck of a lot more comfortable than a leather jacket in the summer in New Mexico, and b.) the armor in it works well in a crash. I can say from personal experience that it helps out a lot. 20mph or so, and the only noticeable damage was that one of the snaps on the arm popped off.

My unarmored knee did not fare nearly as well. Ow.

Well, I'm sure it will hold up a hell of a lot better than you will with no armour at all. I got the jacket last summer and can tell you it is very comfortable. You can feel the air moving through it at a walk, so imagine what it feels like going at speed. As far as protectability, it's better than nothing at all.
Should've mentioned that my friend went down at about 65 mph on a freeway shoulder with this jacket and walked away with bruises but kept all of his skin. He needed to replace the jacket, but sure got his money's worth.
What makes it poseur-wear?
Alright, dammit, I can't take it anymore. Apparel has ONE "r", not two!
Don't forget that it was the Firstgear Mesh-Tex jacket that took top honors in Motorcycle Consumer News' mesh jacket shootout- over the Joe Rocket, over something like 10 other jackets too. But keep in mind that these lightweight, free-flowing jackets are designed to offer more protection that a tee-shirt while keeping you just as cool, and reducing the sunburn. I wouldn't go roadracing in one.
not the best review eh?

I say that if you're going to review an item, do it properly.

Compare the item to other stuff, give it a rating, tell us if it was comfy, tell us if it sucked, and most of all give us a price.

I could have had your review (without the humor of course) from the Yam web site.
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