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If the demographics really do move younger, Harley (by virtue of Buell) is in a good position to catch them. Buell is making great bikes these days, and now have good choices for naked standards, adventure touring, or pure sport. Its a shame they paused the Buell dirt bike program, or that would have hit one more important segment of the younger demographic.

But fact is, cruisers still outsell all these other markets by a huge margin. Buell is turning an honest profit and selling what they make, but there is no shortage of them.

Heck, I think Harley sells about 10 times as many Sportsters alone as all of Buell. So maybe the demographic is shifting slightly, but it has a LONG way to go.

On the other hand, the KLR-250 I bought last winter for $600 now seems to be worth about $1200. The high cost of gas and a resurgence of interest in riding dirt seem to be helping the dual sports go from a really small niche to a slightly less small niche ;)
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