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"Cruiser ownership is the last stage of the evolution of motorcyclists," said Glenn Hansen, American Suzuki's communication's manager. "A kid starts with a dirt bike; then a sportbike, then a cruiser."

You wish.
Heh heh heh. You caught that too... "then a cruiser, then a DS to commute on, then maybe a ****|n Hyabusa because he's got the need for speed, then a... What, do these guys really believe that Viagra commercial where R. Bored comes home on the Vulcan and the old lady drops the groceries on the driveway?

HD must have an extremely fine-tuned organization if a drop of less than 10% in production results in 600+ layoffs. "Just in time firing," I guess.

Aside from a very brief mention of gas prices, I didn't see anything about manufacturers targeting possible new buyers who are looking for alternatives for commuting etc. It seems like there should be an emerging market there.
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