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Steve Hislop seeks Donnington Glory

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I'm a big Steve Hislop fan. He's kind of enigmatic, but when he's on, he's a winner.

I went to see the first race of the BSB season last year at Donington, and I highly reccomend it to any superbike fan from the states. The races feel much more like World Superbike races, and the riders are quite accessible and nice (or maybe just amazingly sarcastic and I'm too much of a dense American to know). In any case, the riders are quite polite and seem happy to sign autographs. Including Steve Hislop.

Watch out for the vendors though, lots of rip off artists...

Go Steve!
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Oh yeah, minime, I sent you a note last night about the spelling of Donington. There should be only 3 n's, not 4...

Maybe someone can tell me why the name of the town is Castle Donington when there's no castle? All I could see was a huge power plant! Nice pubs though...
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