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Steven Tyler Designs $80,000 Harley.

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I'll wait for the Run DMC version.

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Is there a huge set of lips where the headlight should be?
Yeah!!!... Yeah!!!... Duc looks like a Harley!...

Groan. I know. Couldn't resist.
Just what we need...another piece of celebrity driven ass jewelry... and I'm sure Tyler knows all about how to design a motorcycle from years of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll...stick to what you know dude...
I thought sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll were exactly the image Harley tries to portray? That would make a Steven Tyler designed Harley almost the perfect Harley Davidson.
So he likes the wind blowing through his hair. I assume he doesn't wear a helmet. Maybe he should have had brain surgery.
OMG- rock stars and bikes`are nearly as bad as football players and bikes. Gimme real news.
Aren't they as old as the Stones by now? I mean, how many times can you hear "Dream On" before you want to gouge your ears out with a garden trowel?
I wonder if Harley-Davidson knows he designed a "Harley."

It sounds like he had a custom built for himself.
He's probably the UGLIEST sumbiotch in Rock-N-Roll today.

But, his Daughter sure is hot - 'specially in that Elf Outfit - don't that wanna make you just eat her alive?
Apparently they do - from the Aerosmith website:

OCTOBER 20, 2006


DAYTONA, FL (August 11, 2006) — Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Bruce Rossmeyer, CEO of 13 Harley-Davidson® locations, including the World’s Largest Harley-Davidson® dealership located at Bruce Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona, along with guidance of Rossmeyer’s personal custom motorcycle designer, Tim Gabel, have teamed up to design and produce "The Steven Tyler Signature Series," a one-of-a-kind collection of Steven Tyler-inspired, custom designed motorcycles.

It goes on to tell of several "Firsts" in the Motorcycle Industry - like the first Steven Tyler Logo on a bike, and "The collection will also showcase a powerful, baritone-producing, Harley-Davidson® 1690cc Twim Cam 103® engine which screams louder than Tyler himself " amongst the many other "Firsts".

Or something like that..................
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Oh yeah - almost forgot -

-TPTB Client *and* President
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