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Stewart Injury Update

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If Stewart isn't careful he could end up like Pastrana, alway hurt. He is so stinking fast that he doesn't need to ride over his head, but he does. I hope he takes this as a warning, you can't win by sitting on the side line.
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You're right about not being able to win by sitting on the sidelines. However, this is a broken collarbone were talking about here. I believe every single MX racer worthy of a podium finish has broken a collarbone at LEAST once. Any endo, or spill where you hit your shoulder square into the dirt, you can easily break your collarbone. Even though these guys wear pads, it won't protect against the blunt trauma of a solid shoulder impact.

4-6 weeks and that collarbone will be healed up enough to race again. Since that bone naturally flexes, all that happens is you get a nice bump up there for a while. I've broken my right twice and left once, never had an issue riding dirt or street afterwards.

Now, if he broke a femur.... (ouch)
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