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Sticker Removal

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i soak mine with WD40, after my first post of course.
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Interesting. I usually do that after my second post.
A word of caution. Those pressure washers found at the car wash have been known to strip paint from panels so be cautious. Stickers that have been on a bike long term with sun exposure will be less likley to come off easily. I had great results with hand removal and Goo be Gone. Once the adhesive is removed, clean the panel with soap and water and then go over it with a cleaner wax to make sure the panel is completely clean - wax as normal.
This info is likely on every metric cruiser owner website.

Step 1: Buy Honda Shadow

Step2: Remove any decal that identifies it as a Honday Shadow.
Hair dryer and constant pull once the corner is up will get 'em off. You got to get them hot though!
Goo be Gone got rid of my stuborn Kerry sticker with no special techniques....WD 40 didn't do the trick but I heard it from Buzglyd and longride that WD works on W stickers though. :) Had to get rid of the Kerry sticker cause of my promotion on the 31st of this month.. i.e. it's not politically correct for my new postion and parking pass.
I agree. Goo be Gone is great.
LOL on oldy but goody..
Good employee, go get a treat in the lounge.

You can skip the workout recommended in the HP-2 post.
Try using your girlfriend`s vibrator w/400 grit.

Goo B Gone

Careful with Goo b Gone on plastic-it will soften it up and discolor it in some cases.

The stuff works great on metal surfaces though.
Too bad the decals on my ride's tank are cleared over. Meh.
I usually just use a hair dryer, and use my flimsy plastic insurance card to get the sticker off. Then use acetone and an old T-shirt to remove the residue.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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