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Hey All,

I'm curious to know if anyone else has seen this issue or dealt with it personally before.

Issue: As I've been riding my Vstar 650 Custom it's exhaust heat shield has become unscrewed and is now falling off. I found that the screw in question is hidden (tucked) behind the exhaust pipe itself. I've tried to remove the heat shield but it seems to be welded on. So I've been riding around with a heat shield dangling off my pipe. It's embarrassing and I want to get it fixed.

Before I go into my local dealer and ask for advice I thought I might see if anyone else out there is - or has had - a similar problem.

Is the stock exhaust heat shield welded to the exhaust pipe? Or can it be disassembled so I can reach my screw and re-attach my heat shield?

Here are some pictures to help portray the problem. The last picture is where I believe they've welded the shield to the pipe.

Pictures: imgur: the simple image sharer (3 Images)
(You can click on each pic to see full-size)

Thanks All,

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Usually the bracket will be tack welded on holding a captive nut or screw in place to attach the heat shield. That appears to be a heat shield and a trim piece, the trim piece being what's loose. I would remove the muffler from the pipe then loosen the two clamps in the second picture and slide the heat shield off, then from the back of the heat shield reattach the trim piece with a lock washer or star washer and a little locktite (yes, most of it will burn off) and slide it back on the bike, re-instal the muffler and off you go.

If the heat shield itself wont just slide off you may have to remove the whole exhaust to get it but try just pulling the heat shield first, it'll save you a headache and a few gaskets.
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