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Stoner To Continue With Ducati In 2008

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Well, who wouldn't?
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Oh krist, look who put this article up. Sorry. Please delete my comments.
A week only lasts two days in the Kookiverse.
When Ducati/HD become one, maybe Casey can ride a Buell with a Duc motor.
Or a Duc with a buell motor! Introducing the Harley 45-degree V-4 with Desmo-pushrods.
Hey Bud!

Stoner was quoted as saying: "All I need is a tasty bike and some cool bud" immediately following the press conference.
Re: Hey Bud!

Before jetting to London to jam with the Stones!
Despite having an excellent bike, Ducati was lucky to get Stoner. Capirossi was looking like he was ready to become a champion at the end of the year last year (and was probably Ducati's best hope), but this hasn't been his year. Meanwhile Stoner is dominating.
Re: Mr. Hand

...Spicoli (on phone): (Taps head with shoe) "Hear that? Can you guess what it is? That was my skull! I'm so wasted!"
Capirossi should retire. If he wasn't Italian he would be gone by now
Re: Hey Bud!

Heh heh. An Aussie named Stoner. Heh heh. You can't make this stuff up.
Wow. This is a shocker. I thought they'd jettison him after his poor finishes this year. Stunning news.
Ducati Corse's momma didn't raise no fool.

The way he held off Rossi while he was on his rear wheel all day was unbelievable. Rossi just kept coming. But Stoner kept his cool (and took off like a SR-71 Blackbird on the straight). I wonder what would happen if Rossi was on that desmosedici?
You know what would happen if I was on that desmosedici?

A quarter mill of damages, that's what.
With Jorge and the rest of the crop of 250 kids, people will be leaving GP sooner than they think. With the dirt track background many Americans have, which doesn't work with the 800, it'll probably be some of them.
Thats it? I think your selling yourself short, I'm sure you could take out more than one bike going into the first turn...
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