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The story of the 10.5-percenters.

On motorcycle jackets often seen is the 1% patch. The history of the One-Percenter should be well known or ask the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). But what means the number 10.5%? A mistake in the patch? In this case the extremely clever Internet has no answer.
However, the history of the 10.5-percenters is no secret. The beginnings are only a few years back. A motorcycle magazine made a reader survey. It reported 10.5 percent said they ride in winter. The first two patches were made by a winter rider named Hagen. For him and his friend it was an internal identification, a publicly consent, a confession: Yes, I am one of those 10.5 percent of motorcyclists who ride in winter. At the same time the patch also was a communication catalyst. Nobody knew the number. Questions and discussions proved automatically.
We also asked the question of the origin. And because we are also convinced winter riders, we have taken up this idea after consulting Hagen and made 10.5-%-patches and also a winter hat and fleece jacket. If you want to be one of these 10,5-percenters, get your stuff at
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