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how do I get this thing off. The manual says remove the center hex bolt and insert a 50 mm pin. I did this only i had to make a pin out of a screw that was the right diameter,(6mm) I hope it can withstand the pressure when the hex bolt is screwed back in. I think I may have made the pin a bit short. when I screwed the hex bolt back in it came to the end of it's threading and popped through into the hollow space above the pin. Now it seems to be trapped between the threads and the pin at a slight angle.
It is now unable to be used to push against the pin and pop of the stator. this is a BMW 1985 R80. I'm wondering if I use a puller to push on top of the center hex bolt and pull at the bottom of the stator will it work? It seems to be on pretty tight! can I tap on it with a small hammer? It has to be replaced any way.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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