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Study Shows H-D Dealers Rank #1 in Customer Satisfaction.

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On your marks, get set.......
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See? H-D is fooling their customers to buy those things and this study proves it!

How's that?
Gee, looks like them HD riders ain't even bright enough to know how bad they're getting boned.

Give them a decent product, some one on one attention, good financing and a wide spread dealer network, tons of accessories and trinkets, a ready made group of riding buddies in a factory/dealership sponsered group, things like BBQ's and Taco feeds, live bands in the parking lot and the stupid sum' *****es think they're getting a good deal....

pityfull fools.....
Triumph tried the whole "Jellied Eel" feed but it didnt' go over nearly as well.
Meanwhile, at the average Japanese dealership:

"I see you're looking at the GSRZZX-600 Wakizashi. That's the hottest sportbike on the planet. Totally redesigned last year to be 0.05 seconds faster in the quarter-mile. Better hurry, though, it's about to become obsol-- oops, too late. It's junk."
No then they add, "You should just get the 1000 cuz you'll outgrow that in six months."

Thank heaven. We've been 3 days without a Harley thread.
Somehow bangers and mash just doesn't do it like carne asada.
Don't wake sarnali. He's going to start telling us how good that awful, flavorless food is.
I don't talk with my mouthful......

Smoked dried herring on toast washed down with a few cups of tea for breakfast is a good way to start the day bub....
As long as no one has to smell your breath I'm sure it is.
You will of course note that Honda won the "best signage" catagory hands down.

I think Soiciro would have been proud of that.
It does keep the riff raff away.
You've got a good point, there. Sportbike manufacturers may be cannibalizing their own sales, much like the difference between Fords & Toyotas.

It's hard to justify buying a new Ford car because they depreciate so quickly.

Similarly, it's hard justify buying a used Toyota car because they depreciate so slowly.

Hence, buy Fords used and Toyotas new. Myself, I'm driving an American car I bought 2 years old for 63% off the original price.

Sportbike manufacturers may be shooting themselves in the foot, just like Ford. I have a better idea of how profitable cruisers can be.
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Big dog in third? What'd they sell, like 10 bikes last year? Come on...
It's easy to focus on the customer when you don't have many.
"Mr. Saginelli - please, sit down! I'll rub your feet, while Clarissa here takes care of any other needs you may have........."
POS, oil leaking, tractor motors, antiques, out-dated, poor handling, poor performance, lemming audience, GPTB, anti-union, over-priced, bad seating position, company is going under...

Did I miss anything?

What type of oil is it leaking?
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