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Study Shows H-D Dealers Rank #1 in Customer Satisfaction.

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On your marks, get set.......
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That "Performance First" slogan was overrated.

Imagine how you can impress your friends at the Burger Barn with the Best Signage award.
the 'old chap' part got cut off for me...
Whale-oil from Sperm Whales.

It's better than synthetic.
Ugly and boring?
The new biodiesel!
Let's not start name calling. BrowningBAR is OK in my book;-)
Hey! My mom says I'm handsom and I have smarts.

This article means nothing as it is a well known fact that Gen X and Ys hate good customer service and will never by into this.
Who needs customer service when you've got great signage?
duh, she has to say that, she's your mom.....
Funny thing is, I get no service at the local HD store. Of course the stich doesn't help.
Thats not your mom, thats a broom with a wig!
Actually. now that I think about it, I've had this experience, too. No one ever talks to me in any of the three HDs I've been in, but the Honda-Suzuki guys will.
I thought that a broom with a wig was called a Hillary!
I find the opposite, when I go in the local Suzuki-Honda-etc. shop I'm usually about 25 years older than most people there and get left alone, in the HD or BMW shops I'm right smack in the middle of the target demographic and I have "sales professionals" standing in line to help me.

A Hi-Viz 'stitch in a BMW shop is the best calling card you can carry LOL
You show up at a Harley dealer wearing a 'stich they think you're there to clean the toilets.
When your products are this overpriced you can afford to buy large jars of vaseline for the customers to apply each time they come through your doors!
He's just yankin your crank.
Survey is consistent with local Seattle area survey

Well I checked my favorite local Seattle site for their dealer survey and it echoes the results of this one. Harley, BMW and Ducati dealers score well. Big 4 metric dealers score poorer.

"Overall averages were lower than in years past and low scores were more prevalent, especially on big box metric stores. In 2004, the average score on a scale of 1-100 was 70, this year it was 65. We’d never expect to see a lot of 100 scores, or even 90s but what this trend is showing is a decline in overall customer satisfaction."Read More

kpaul says Black Thunder (Buell Firebolt) is calling him 'Ride me kpaul" "Ride me" says Black Thunder
21 - 40 of 99 Posts
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