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Re: Anyone with me?


I live in Alaska. You may remember it as the state that got shut down in just about every area of employment due to the EPA, the Forest Service, et al. I don't see them trying to find jobs for the thousands of people they put out of work. Another part of the Clinton legacy - thousands unemployed. Now, he wants the taxpayers to pay for an entire floor in an office building in New York. Supposedly an office. $650,000 per year for an office? Why doesn't he just move back to Arkansas into a doublewide? Lots of space in those things, I hear.

Getting back to the pollution subject, if you want some factual information, go to the February 2001 Car And Driver magazine and read what Patrick Bedard has to say. Here's an excerpt: "The Ford Excursion... as sold in California... is 22% cleaner in hydrocarbons than a brand new passenger car that meets the federal emissions standards in the states surrounding California."

The people whining about SUVs don't know what they're talking about, as usual. It amounts to this, somebody can afford a larger automobile than me so I'm going to do all I can do to outlaw it/shame them into getting rid of it/whine to all my stupid friends and anybody that'll listen.

The left wingers use a couple of tools you need to be aware of. One is derision - a great tool. It's coupled closely with shame. Another is to discredit anyone you disagree with. It doesn't even have to be factual.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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