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Nice to see another street-stroker chime in! As the pilot of an RZ350, I

have to admit I relish the fact that I can ride it around on the streets today,

fully legal... the shriek it makes when wound up never ceases to catch the

cagers off guard and induce that characteristic, open-mouthed scowl towards

me :) The troubling thing is that I'm afraid the days of riding it around are

numbered. I expect soon enough, someone will try to ban 2-stroke oil as

a means to put an end to the 'legacy' bikes out there that they can't rightfully

ban directly. Or, if they can't ban the oil, they will affix huge taxes to it.

All to save ..what was it... 1/2 of 1% of pollutants?? Go after the -real-

sources of heavy pollution or admit this is all political posturing and shut

the he** up about it... and leave my bike alone!!
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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