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Suggested Site Enhancement: Tire Ratings

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Sounds like a good idea.
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How about making the links on the

<<===Left work 1st before you start adding more

BTW the tire/misc stuff db sounds like a good idea to me
sounds good in theory, but tire life is totally subjective IE; I read about riders in Cali and other hot climates getting 4~5 k out of tires I'm getting 10~15k out of in the PNW, I only assume it's the higher temps that shorten tire life, I'm pretty big and I ride/ corner at a good clip so in theory my tires would wear out in no time, but I'm pretty anal about tire pressure and the average temps here is around 50 most of the year with a few months of 80's in the summer so while I got as an example 17k out of my last set of Mac 90's others are getting 7~9k out of them. the point being any data base would have to include locale as well as bike and type of riding to be any where near accurate.
I think people shring their experience with products is a great thing, however as stated above, circumstances need to be somewhat detailed for the data shared to be meaningful. I am as interested about the consumers opinion as I am the manufacturer. As for reviews of products in the press, I have found the press very slow to bring out issues that are very significant to me. I say give it a try and see where it goes.
What's wrong with the links? They work fine for us all the time cross-platform...
I think that this is a great idea. It could be useful for a number of different products. As long as people describe their riding style, what bike they ride, where they live, and so on I think it would be very useful.
Tire Ratings and good timing

Since my 207's flat spot is forming, I have thought about this idea myself. It would be of tremendous benefit.

I say give it a whirl and see where it lands.
4-5K!!! I only wish, much less 15,000 miles. I used to go through a set 207 street compound tires in 2,000 miles so I am now trying the Pilots. On a track day, I usually finish off a set of tires in a day. And most race tires are used up in the sense that they don't grip as well as when new after about 50 miles on the track. I guess I would really skew the stats on this experiment!
Tire pressure has a big impact on the life.

A softer pressure will cause the tire to heat up more - giving more grip, but wearing much faster.
Uh, I don't see how. I'm refering to all the stuff below "who's online :

Leather Apparrel

Bikes For Sale

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Parts For Sale




Speed Parts

Track Riding




I've got IE 6, if you are in fact correct then WTF?? but i doubt anyone can actually click on those. BTW it's Apparel not Apparrel. Gee, I'm being an ass now, sorry. I'm sure you guys can take it
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They work for me.
Uh, I've got IE 6 and the little ads under the labels work just fine. Perhaps you have an ad blocking firewall?
Well, really the data I would want you to see would be statistical, meaning average and standard deviation, possibly also grouped by claimed riding style, location etc. The actual raw numbers probably don't matter as much as how the compare to one another. If one tire is averaging 6,000 miles and another 8,000, it is likely the 2nd one will also last longer for you. The fact that the numbers wind up being 15,000 and 22,000 for you isn't as important but will affect that average.

Java or Bust!

Okay, this is pretty important so that I can figure out if I spend next weekend actually creating this for the site. I am a java guy. I can probably finish this in 1-2 days for you using java. I don't know PHP and have no need to learn it as it is not very germane to what I do on a daily basis. If you guys want it in PHP, you will need to find another volunteer.

As I stated before the actual presentation engine in open source, so it there would be no licensing fees associated with running the system.

As to proof of purchase, I think we could simply handle (at least for tires) the flaming pretty easily, since the only way to really through off the numbers would be to enter a whole bunch of of the same tires under your name which would wind up indicating a problem to anyone who looked closely at the data.

For Version 1 of the system I would propose to only track tires as we are mostly looking for hard data such as milage. If that works well, V2 can expand into more "fuzzy" data such as helmet quality etc.

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Re: Java or Bust!

P.S. let me know what you want before Friday, so I can plan the weekend!

They work fine for me and I'm one of those who had problems with the 600 shootout! (different problem, I know) And I only have IE 5.0 too..........Maybe a firewall blocker as someone suggested.
That would be it. Turned off the ole' firewall and the ads have shown themselves. I thought that they may have built an actuall FORUM for MO users to comunicate and sell things with each other. Silly me, they were just a bunch of crappy ads that I don't want to look at anyways. At least I know I'm not missing anything. One day MO will realize that they NEED a forum, if they want people to keep their subscriptions. It's really the only thing that seperates a web based magazine from the print, besides a few video clips and a few extra pictures. If all the people who have subscribed can't talk with each other openly then it's kind of pointless. At least it's only 11 bucks a year.
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