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sounds good in theory, but tire life is totally subjective IE; I read about riders in Cali and other hot climates getting 4~5 k out of tires I'm getting 10~15k out of in the PNW, I only assume it's the higher temps that shorten tire life, I'm pretty big and I ride/ corner at a good clip so in theory my tires would wear out in no time, but I'm pretty anal about tire pressure and the average temps here is around 50 most of the year with a few months of 80's in the summer so while I got as an example 17k out of my last set of Mac 90's others are getting 7~9k out of them. the point being any data base would have to include locale as well as bike and type of riding to be any where near accurate.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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