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Talk about great racing! Man, that rocked! Colin and Bayliss are motorcycle gods. And nice guys too!!!! My wife was very impressed listening to the podium interviews. No trash talking like all the pro american sports. I guess when you pass a guy at 170mph with a few centimeters between the two bikes you had better respect and trust the other rider.

After watching Colin clean up on the Ducatis and clearly having a speed advantage it is rumored that Honda is going to stay in WSBK. It would be pretty stupid to win the championship and then drop out of the series. I think RC51 sales would drop if they did. I think racing does make an impact on bike sales. Since Eric Bostrom starting kicking tail on the ancient ZX7RR I have actually started to pay attention to the bike and I know you can't even compare a racebike to the street version. It would be nice to see Honda stay in WSBK.
1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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