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Agreed!... very good racing that I would have to say I've not seen much of in MotoGP. Man, that last lap in race 2... wow!.. definitely one for the ages.

The best in MotoGP this year was the race at Assen up until the crash w/Jacques and A.B.... but that was very close racing.

Damn, what a shame that Honda is screwing up w/Edwards. The guy has given them two WSB titles in 3 years, won the 8-hours multiple times, and they blow him off.

How awesome would a MotoGP team of Rossi, Edwards and Hayden have been?... wow!... "what might have been..." It's not like Honda doesn't have the $$$ to afford such a team... we already know they have the bikes/parts.. they'll have several satellite teams next year.


1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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