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Yeah i think you're right on all counts. And i agree that ticket prices seem way high for the product you receive. infineon was 48 bucks a day i think for general admission.
thi year we decided not to fight the heat and the crowds of laguna but then i learned i have to be working down there at the time. so instead of buying tickets months ahead of time i'm looking at ebay and other sites. judakowa batman! i guess i forgot it costs 2 people 300 bucks just to get in the door and wander through the pits. then try to wedge myself into a glimpse of the corkscrew. it costs a grand to be able to watch the whole race on tv while you watch the bikes a few seconds out of every 90. did i mention being thirsty? at least you can see a lot of the race from more than one spot at infineon.
if i compare that to a weekend series for the mariners, i could get some pretty decent seats. and lotso beer which makes it seem almost as good as motorcycle racing. and the ichiroll.
Still i watch and root and hope things get better.
agreed on the trumpets and the 750s. bring on a new zx7rr. in that green they run in motogp.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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