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Superbike Qualifying from Fontana

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Whoops! Credits, minime

Ducatti pr, right? The other seven guy seem to be doing better.
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Re: Whoops! Credits, minime

Yeah, no kidding! Who cares about Chandler, let's hear what's going on with Gobert.
Re: Whoops! Credits, minime

i hope this season doesnt turn out to be about chandler...this yr is about nicky and miguel vs. mladin and gobert...f u c k ducati
As a Ducati owner and fan, I'm a little miffed that the company doesn't put more emphasis on their AMA program - but the truth is, they don't have to. Let's face it, WSB is the pinnacle of superbike racing. It's there that Ducati stamps their authority all over the world, while Suzuki, Kawi and Yamaha all wheeze a feeble gasp for mercy. Only Honda, with their V-twin engineering expertise and deep pockets, are able to mount a serious effort in both AMA and WSB.

Of course, I am just stating the obvious, right? You guys aren't seriously denigrating Ducati based on AMA performance, right??
My comment was about missing credits. I think minime just wanted to publish the times and a Ducatti press release was the most convenient vehicle. I think he forgot to credit the source this time.

As for WSB being the pinnacle of superbike racing.. that's another post.
Understood, jmeyn. My post was not in reference to yours, so I should have posted it more properly. Regarding the different superbike series, there probably is a great thread somewhere arguing the merits of them all. While WSB may not be the "best" superbike series in terms of talent, it is the grandest in terms of money, spectators and publicity on a global level. Hence, it carries more marketing weight on a global level. I believe AMA is the bastard child of Ducati since they don't have a contender in the consumer 600 class, and that's why they aren't as competitive.
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