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Superbike Riders on Grass

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Where are the motorcycle articles? It's cool to see such diverse articles about the motorcycling community, but did I miss the V-Twin shootout, sport-tour shootout, naked bike shootout, AND the rest of the 600 shootout??? What's the deal??? It's almost June.
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As many of you have noticed, we've had a number of technical "bugs" lately. We've upgraded a number of things on the back end so that we'll be able to provide MO readers with all the things they've asked for.

It just so happens that after making some of the changes, a few technical glitches popped up the needed to be dealt with -- but it appears Blip and HackFu got the last bit sorted out on Friday. Phew!

So, now that we're done chasing tech gremlins, we can get back to posting comparos and such. And, yes, the first of those will be the 600 stuff this comming week. But wait, there's more...
Superbike riders on grass? I thought this would be an article on Gobert.
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