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Superbike Rumors- Next-Gen Suzuki Hayabusa?

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I'm sure that the current generation Busa will more than hold your interest. It's reliable, fast, versatile, and has about a million aftermarket parts to make it anything you want it to be.
Just so long as it has over 100 horse power it's worth having!
It better have 200 or it won't even be worth breaking out the stats sheets at your local hang out.

Just remember, stats are everything!
Just to be clear, you're not claiming it's fast, are you?
I think you want the new Yamahama V-Max lad.
I'm watching this one from the sidelines, pulling for both teams. It seems to me that competition improves the breed best of all on the showroom floor, with Motorcycles. These things are so over the top though that it's becoming a "Numbers War", interesting, kinda.

Thing is, for me, these days, these bikes have performance beyond my street duty needs, or wants. Don't get me wrong, a biannual buzz on a Bud's bullet bike is a blast but I don't need to own it.

Part of it is that I know myself, if I had one of those things it would Lead to trouble. I would NEVER be passed, without my best fight anyway's. My ride now gets creamed by well ridden Modern 600 Supersports but it's plenty fast enough to put a smile on my face. I only got one horse these days but she's a good one.

For me about 130HP to the ground seems like it would be plenty not that less can't be perfect for a given application. Tune it for as much Torque and as linear of a throttle response possible, make it compact and light.

I know, the Daytona 955i has the perfect high-performance Street Motorcycle engine.
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When is that abortion due to come out?

Last I saw they were still pushing some non-working in-progress version that didn’t have a seat. Is there a current version out and about?

Of course not. Those things will hardly move until you add about 5K worth of aftermarket to them.
I guess-like usual- nobody here can answer his question instead everyone just opines about something off-topic or barely related.

I have not heard any leaks about if or when there may be a new hayabusa. You might want to check some of these boards for some actual information.
"I never understood why Honda never had the nerve to compete in the open-class sportbike realm."

CBR1100 XX Super Blackbird?
Why the cruiser market is in trouble.

Spudly you bring up a great point why the cruiser market is in trouble. In addition, to bad demographics (a euphemistic way of saying baby boomers will no longer be able to ride either by death or illness)), many cruiser riders will become bored with cruisers. You can bet the new Busa will be better than ever... I actually like the Concours 14 and could see myself going cross country on one..

kpaul sez cruisers are a dying breed, get a bike that handles and stops better. It is far safer to ride a sportbike like the Busa than a Softtail.. Better to avoid the accident that be in one. Cruisers are sitting ducks..
Sounds like you just opined about something barely related.
"If MO wants to get readers on the edge of their seats, I hope you will see the demand for these bikes growing, and start a blog or regularly updated article dedicated to the next-gen Hayabusa."

--I don't think you want 7 months of entries stating "Nothing new to report".

I think it's odd that everyone is waiting for the new Busa to come out because they don't like the look of the ZX14. If I remember correctly, the Busa was also pegged as a love it or hate it bike when it came to looks.

From the info I've seen it seems like '08 is the year it will be redesigns. No one seems to have much info other than that, though.

I have no idea how accurate this site is (links to this site have pooped up on here now and then) but if you scroll down you will see some info and visuals about the 2008 Busa.

Again, take it with several grains of salt.
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Re: Why the cruiser market is in trouble.

I just can't see the cruiser market being in trouble. You keep saying this, but it seems pretty healthy to me. All of your reasons for not liking cruisers are rational ones for you (giving you the benefit of the doubt, and I do have my doubts) but motorcycles are just not rational purchases. If rationality ruled, we'd all be driving Corollas.
I think he's tryin' to get that speck of sawdust outta our eyes..........

Yeah, I 'member when that bike was "Top Dawg" - for about 10 days.........
Re: Why the cruiser market is in trouble.

Sorry, I can't see KPaul riding across the country on anything..........
Re: Why the cruiser market is in trouble.

Before you get your foot too far in your mouth you might want to read Fred Rau's mea culpa about predicting the demise of the cruiser in this months Motorcycle Consumer News....( You are an MCN subscriber aren't you???)
Re: Why the cruiser market is in trouble.

well....maybe a Corrolla...
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