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"If MO wants to get readers on the edge of their seats, I hope you will see the demand for these bikes growing, and start a blog or regularly updated article dedicated to the next-gen Hayabusa."

--I don't think you want 7 months of entries stating "Nothing new to report".

I think it's odd that everyone is waiting for the new Busa to come out because they don't like the look of the ZX14. If I remember correctly, the Busa was also pegged as a love it or hate it bike when it came to looks.

From the info I've seen it seems like '08 is the year it will be redesigns. No one seems to have much info other than that, though.

I have no idea how accurate this site is (links to this site have pooped up on here now and then) but if you scroll down you will see some info and visuals about the 2008 Busa.

Again, take it with several grains of salt.
1 - 13 of 162 Posts
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