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Superbike Rumors- Next-Gen Suzuki Hayabusa?

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And when a Problem comes along.......
Re: Why the cruiser market is in trouble.

Thanks! I was wondering what to do with that run-on sentence.......

He probably drives a K-Car. Haw Haw! I made teh funnay!

--Foxy Fox Fox
Re: Why the cruiser market is in trouble.

I can't help myself. An incurable optimist. He'll come out of it. I know he will.
My thanks to those few and far between who provided links to alternate websites- and one in particular ( was very informative.. Not only do they have info on the Busa but the complete 2008 preliminary Suzuki product line rollouts are in there as well.

The radial brakes, swingarm, frame and redesigned 1400CC motor or the w. nearly 200BHP are more than enough incentive for me to wait for the next-gen to show up. I have a while to pay down the $13K that I still owe on the VN 2000.

If I trade up or get a second bike - it'll be the Busa, the KTM 950 Supermoto, or the new 1098 Duc. It's hard to decide with so many nice bikes to choose from these days. The new Triumph Tiger 950 looks great but I have heard the gearbox is less than perfect..

One thing for sure- the cruiser market is fine.. there will always be a demand to cruise in comfort. Ask Honda Goldwing owners, or the Harley faithful. Dirt bikes, cruisers, supermoto, dual-sport, naked bikes, sportbikes and all the others are handy on a given day.

Once you own a sportbike you are addicted to speed, and that's the main reason why the Busa looks so tempting. I guess the trick is to be one of the lucky few that have the money or inside job where they get a chance to ride them all.

Thanks again for the feedback... ride safe.
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kcoyote that's good

Here's a link for you, champ.

Cut and paste and enjoy. Try not to trip over yourself reading.

--The Fox
Undoubtedly. Such reasonableness will not go unpunished.
I hate to burst your bubble, but nobody knows what the next Busa looks like, how big the engine will be, how much horsepower it will put out, or even the engine configuration. Anything you saw on any of those sites is pure speculation. I have visited every Busa site for 3 years and nobody has a clue what it will be.
"I think the Straosphere concept would be an excellent, profitable and desirable bike for consumers, with a sales amount similar to the 'Classics' line Ducati has. Different buyer though."

I think that it would appeal to blind buyers for sure. That thing was U-G-L-Y!
Blimey, but yer a long-winded sod!
Just think how much better things would be if the idiots spent less time making pointless conjectures about Busas and more time actually riding the dammed things!
Re: Why MO needs kpaul and why you guys missed me.

They have special wing for non-riders from Seattle who "know" more about motorcycles than Fred Rau and also pretend to be engineers while actually drinking "old Milwaukee" while drawing welfare checks.
What's the most dangerous bike in the world?

Anything that Kook is riding on.

Oops, sorry. He doesn't ride at all does he?

Never mind.
Re: Why the cruiser market is in trouble.

Really now. This has all gone too far. Now the freakjob is touting himself as a more knowledgeable motorcyclist than Fred Rau?

I wonder how many newbies have actually died after taking the sort of 'advice' that dyckweed vomits?
121 - 140 of 162 Posts
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