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Supercross on CBS

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Lets wait and see what CBS is coming out with. However, if they slam motorcycles in the name of sensationalism and gore to increase their ratings, all of us bikers should let them have it.
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Y'all remember the "Audi Unintended Acceleration" thing back in the late 80's? The horrible story of how Audi sedans would suddenly and uncontrollably accelerate, killing family members? 60 Minutes did multiple shows on this awful problem and showed how Audi was an callous corporation who pompously denied that there was anything wrong with their cars.

The only problem was, that was nothing wrong with their cars. I worked for the engineers at the DOT who investigated the issue. After EXTREMELY exhaustive research, they concluded that in EVERY case, it was driver error.

Why do I tell this story? Because 60 Minutes had clearly assaulted Audi in a manner sufficiently effective to nearly bankrupt the company. When proven wrong, 60 Minutes issued no mea culpa, no apology for yellow journalism, nothing. They were out for sensational rating, and the truth was not important.

Don't ever expect the truth out of those guys. Stand by for an ugly protrayal of SX as an insane sport being pushed upon American teenagers by cash-greedy corporations whilst a bureaucratic AMA sits idly by and smiles as the fans cheer over the pain of the competitors.
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Ho boy. More fair and balanced reporting headed our way.
Thanks for the reminder of the type of reporting we can expect from CBS. It's sad to say but I have a feeling your prediction will prove to be prophetic.
We have fair and balanced reporting here?!?! WOW I can't wait to finally see some!!!!
which network/program was it that attached pyros to pickup fuel tanks coz they weren't blowing up like they're supposed to?

I don't watch any of these self-pandering 'in-depth news' programs. Guess why.

I wouldn't trust Andy Rooney as far as could throw Barbara Walters.

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I am sure that the 30 or so people that tune in to 60 Minutes II will see a another insightful, thought provoking and unbiased broadcast.
Gee, aren't these the same assholes that rigged explosives to the gas tanks of GM pickups, and through their bull***** journalism unfairly lambasted Audi with their unintended acceleration lies almost to the point of putting them out of business in the US?

Why should we expect fair and proper journalism now ?
News Media

Hmmm, I guess it is no coincidence that a lot of us here are a bit skeptical about the fairness of the news media in general, when they so clearly f#ck it up on those things where we know better. If they so clearly either misunderstand the facts or deliberately distort them (if now outright fabricate them) on things we know about, why should we assume that they get the other stories right?

I guess I will wait to see what they actually run before getting too worked up, but I fear the worst.

I'm pretty sure it was NBC.

Well, I watched it and...

It wasn't TOO bad. Actually, for what i was expecting, I guess I was pleasanlty suprised.
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