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Supermoto A-Go-Go @ The Rio in Vegas

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Damn, looks like you guys had a hell of a time in vegas.

The Beemer with RedBull sidecar cracks me up!
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Aah second post, millions of people must be reading this. I have been waiting for this opportunity: what is that "MODERATE" button for? Does anyone use it and for what purpose?

- cruiz-euro
You can use it to rate posts as humorous or informative or in the case of Kook/BrokenLink, dipstick, idiotic troll, etc.
Sounds like more fun than....

....a three-day weekend with a whole troupe of Vegas showgirls!

Nice article, Pete. For those of us who don't get OLN, we heard it here first.

BTW, it's "all for naught."
Thanks for catching the editing. Pete says: "Az u ken tell, I ani't got much book learnin'. "
I had much fun watching 2 or 3 of the earlier rounds (unfortunately, only on tv) and thought the Vegas races were great.

The Vegas round looked like it was well attended but, on the tube at least, the other crowds seemed pretty sparse. The moto press has been writing about how successful the series has been, but was there decent attendance at the earlier rounds?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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