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Supermoto/Motocross Convertible

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Numero Uno.
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Look no further than the Motorradna Baghira Black Panther... You can usually find low mileage, late model Panthers for around 4500-5000 occasionally... Never had one, but I've always wanted one... Even the little SM125 looks like fun. If anybody has an MZ, please share your experience...
SV650, Concours or VFR (used one) with knobbies ought to be about perfect.
Does reasonably capable mean chuffing down a fire road, or hitting the whoops at 60+?

I don't know where you live, or what the vehicle codes are in your area but if it were me I'd get one of the Japanese open class 4 stroke MX bikes with a lighting kit.

But due to the bikes not having a cush-hub or other shock asorbing system in the clutch some say that street riding causes undue stress on the transmission.

If that's the case I'd go the XL/XR/KLR route for reliability.
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A good option might be a Suzuki DR-Z and a set of supermoto wheels from East Coast Wheels. I think you can get a front brake conversion kit from them, too. So all you'd have to do to change from street to dirt would be the wheels and possibly a spacer for the front brake caliper. Your speedo will be off, though, since the front supermoto wheel is smaller.

You can find tons of info on DR-Z conversions on

I just got a used DR-Z as a second bike for city riding (I live in NYC), and I love it. I'm too lazy to mess around with changing wheels, so I'm just keeping it standard for now. That's working pretty well, and the skinny tires make skids and backing it into turns easier.
Nearly any single dual sport with an extra set of wheels would get you there.
Isn't this what BMW does ?

I can't picture a BMW for "neighborhood-terrorizing" but they have an enduro line-up that includes the R1200GS.
2006 Husqarna TE models are 50-state street legal, hello. serious enduro machines avail. in 250, 450 and um, a bigger one. Current Dirt Rider compares 250 to current Japanese offerings, it comes up smelling like a rose. I like mine. Sticker on swingarm says made in factory de MV Agusta, or somethin like that, with MV Agusta logo even. Ferracci makes c-f parts for it uh-oh...

Supposedly KTM may do same next year.
I'd go for an XR750 with knobbies, but that little Harley flat-track tank's gotta go. Get the DOT legal knobbies in case a cop stops you. They don't slide much on the pavement with the little bit of power put out by the XR, they channel water real good and they dig a nice trench in yer neighbor's backyard. I'd get a 9 gallon tank for commuting and put a milk crate on the back for carrying the notebook, etc. The crate works good for putting shaken-off parts into for later reattachment when ya get home. XR750s are a dime a dozen and pretty cheap too. Gitcha one.

No Doubt about it. Faster on-road than any supermoto and it can be ridden with surprising ease on most motocross courses. (Wait till you see the pictures from our upcoming HP2 test!)


Don't you dare take down that Eddie Lawson interview!
Man those new Husky 4 strikers are sweet. Did you get the 510? Wonder if any designs came over from the Sweedish made 4 strokes?

Like remember one of the 1st 4 strokes from Husky came on a 2 stroke lower end, with a pint of oil in the cam case with two reed vales for lower end oiling..klazy stuff.
I believe any custom chopper (OCC, BigDog) would also work as well (or better) as the three you list above. With knobbies of course.

For 20 grand the damn thing better kick @ss...
Ms. C u r showing your age. I know they been built by Cagiva since about 1986 and that's about all i know. I know it's cool to have an actual dirt bike i can ride to work without being hassled by the man, tho. Just like the ol' days.

Also, real easy to do your own maintenance including valve adjust. O i got the 250 would u pay attention? DR test says it's fast, feels like a 280 they said... an weighs like 260 pounds.

"Can be ridden with surprising ease on most motocross courses."

So can an FLH if you go real slow.

C'mon Sean, admit it, these street bikes turned into dirt bikes are nothing more than gussied up posuers waiting to inflict major injury on anyone who tries to ride one semi-fast off road.

450 lbs is still 450 lbs no matter how you suspend it. Maybe nice for fire roads, but I'd hate to take one through some moderate sized sandy whoops at speed.
What, adjust valves with a scredriver and a 10mm wrench? Madness.

I like two fiftees. 260 lbs for a steet legal bike is really good.

Taken it on any trail rides yet?
it uses shims but ye do nae hafta take cams out to get to them. Only paved trails so far, tho Adelanto GP really sounds appealing. Not. I am thinking vet track at MX park, two laps then retire gracefully to lawn chair and cooler...

He means with surprising ease if you are blessed with talent and skill such as possessed only by the chosen few upon which are bestowed such magnificent gifts including but not limited to $20K BMWs.
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