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Surprising Turn In CA Helmet Battle.

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MY FIRST "FIRST POST", I've only got one head so I'll keep my lid on. Nobody ever PLANS to fall.
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Oh, goody. Another helmet thread.

Gotta hand it to Quigley, though. This is a pretty clever way to stick it the eyes of the safety nazis. And he actually found a judge in Kalifornia who evaluated a law based on what it said rather than what the judge thought the law should be. Pretty amazing.

It's pretty funny when someone who is dumb enough to ride without a helmet is still smarter than the clowns who wrote the helmet law.
While I support, in theory, Mr. Quigley's quest, I wish he had spent more of his time and energy taking care of his health.
"Quigley has stage 4 lymphoma. Doctors gave him five months to live. "

I would say wearing a helmet is somewhat redundent for Quigley
Judge Barton wrote: "The CHP is the only State agency authorized by the statutes to adopt reasonable regulations establishing specifications and standards for motorcycle safety helmet. The CHP's failure to adopt such regulations, and make them available to the public, has rendered the helmet law statutes void for vagueness as applied.

It is a shame that the judge relied on the vagueness of the law instead of just saying that the state has no business interfering with an individual’s right to make decisions about his own safety.
Making that ruling would require the elimination of about 80% of the State budget. Where would all those lazy freeloaders on govt paychecks find work? Have a heart!

Just having judges interpret law as it's written rather than according to some personal belief system is at least a step in the right direction.

Re: They call me Mr. Danger

Just got back from picking up a script at Kaiser in Hollywood. Wore my camo shorts, t-shirt and non-dot approved helmet. The flip-flops were replaced this time with Adidas Stan Smiths.

Made it back just fine. No broken bones or a fractured skull. Of course I was riding like death itself was right around the next corner.

Let those who ride decide. I think Mr. Smith and I can agree on that...
The result is good, and God bless Quigley for his civil disobedience, but it won’t take CHP long to take the vague out of it. Here, I’ll do it for ‘em:

"All operators and passengers on motorcycles operated on public roads shall wear helmets certified by the manufacturer to meet United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218 for motorcycle helmets. The outside back of all such helmets shall bear the letters "DOT" as originally applied by the manufacturer of the helmet."

Case closed, and California can go back to protecting law-abiding citizens from themselves.


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My God, I find myself agreeing with Seruzawa! I guess I'll have to check myself in somewhere and get fixed.

I can't but think of something some ******* once told me, talking about self destructive behavior in general. "It's your mouth. You can haul coal in it, for all I care."
For a Bush lover you actually made sense. That in itself gives you some hope.
Our entire court system, and every other govt' run bureaucracy need to be replaced by for profit competing private enterprises. It is only then that will stop being treated like someone’s privately owned livestock, and start to be responsible for ourselves. Down with the nanny state!
Keep listening Dave. A wise old man once gave me this advice, "I never learned anything while I was talking". Seruzawa has been around the block a few times, and what he says usually bears consideration.
If you think that seruzawa is a Bush lover you must be new to these threads.
I can't stand Big Brother rules from the government. Hovever, Joe Citizen needs to pony up to the flip side of freedom and that is called Responsibility.

So, no helmet and you get in a wreck, if you have the money, insurance or whatever is required to pay for your medical costs, rehab etc., then make your own choice concerning your personal safety. That's what used to make America great and free and is the way it should be again.

If you can't pay for any of that, then I don't think my insurance pool, my tax dollars or anything else that belongs to society at large should be spent, used etc. to take care of your sorry ass. Problem is, for everyone of us who don't want the government to take care of us and who are willing to accept responsibility for ourselves, there seems to be ten others who can't be relied on think for themselves even when their lives depend on it.
If you don't hate Bush and wish him dead then you're a Bush lover. Didn't you know that?
If you did that then justice would be for sale to the higgest bidder! What were you thinking?

Hey, wait a second.......
Yeah, and if you ever get hurt doing something stupid - like riding a motorcycle at all - the same applies to you. 99% of the car drivers out there agree with me.

"Down with the nanny state!"

Yeah, I dislike Canade too ;-)

You beat me to it.
His point is still valid.

Actually his point still makes sense... I pay for extra medical insurance to ride a motorcycle above and beyond my normal health insurance. The reason I do this is in the case that my normal health insurance was to reject my claim because I was riding a motorcycle. I think if you ride without a helmet you should buy more coverage i.e. call it no lid (idiot) coverage... If you ride with out a lid and you don't have coverage too bad you will have to pay for your hospital bills yourself. Of course, in kpaul's America every U.S. citizen would have basic health insurance. Like the rest of the industrialized world.
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