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Suzuki 2003 Contingency Program

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Finally, all Suzuki mounted riders will have the opportunity to race in the 18th Annual Suzuki Cup Finals at Road Atlanta and win their share of $80,000.

Cool! What do I have to do to race prep my Suzuki Savage?
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Nothing but a little safety wire and a tranquilizer dart gun to use on all the other contestants. VWW
Just jack up the gas cap and slip a GSX-R 750 under it.
Well hell, I'll just ride my Bandit down there, tape up the headlights and blinkers, wup some hick-ass for a grand a pop and be home in a couple a days.
I've never found a reason to reply to a statement made in a chat room, but you have given me inspiration. You must have forgotten that guys like Russell and Yates are "hick-ass" Georgia boys. It would be pretty sad to watch you and your little Bandit have a good 'ol boy ass-kickin' by a young punk like Chris Caylor or worse yet a 36yo 250lbs, out of shape, beer drinkin', peanut eatin' ******* on a 3yo SV650.

Don't think you're "all that" until you know who's playing the game.
Uh... Like I think he was like totally kidding, ya know, and like he's totally all that and a bag of chips.
damn, fella, new to the internet? new to english?

Sometimes, in a not so subtle way, people feel the need to reply in a manner best described as sarcastic. you may have noticed sarcasm being used before, in certain outdated british comedies. they seem quite fond of sarcasm.

Now, i know that this goes over some people's heads, but maybe, one day, you, too, can entertain us with a truly sarcastic, witty remark. (BTW that was sarcasm and also i think it ties the record for most commas ever used in sentence)
Sorry, I didn't think you people could read.
Be very careful when insulting those southerners. Many of them still believe that the South is going to rise up again and secede from the Union.

This guy might just show up at your door, musket in hand, whistlin' Dixie.
Thanks for the tip, seruzawa, I'll keep an eye out for mullet guy's driving primered '75 trans-ams with their 15 year old girl friends
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