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Suzuki B-King

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Well the guys at MCN just release the latest on the B-King: MCN Video: B-King worlds first ride - first impressions

Looks exciting: 181.5hp in a 550lbs monster. Looks like it handles according to the MCN guys. It just touches down a little early. My suggestion: Stop thinking your on a GP bike and ride it like a muscle bike- Kirk
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Are you sure its a bike?

I kept waiting for it to transform and kill everyone at Laguna, the styling is so over the top and the width of the tank is enough for dinner service for two. Yet I still didnt fit on the thing, not that my ego could make enough excuses after everyone and I mean everyone on the road laughs their arses off at your passing by (I wouldnt be able to look at my reflection in a store front either without laughing and falling off the bike). The exhaust cans are about the size of a basketball in diameter each, looking so cartoonish its not even funny. Many gathered around, yet there was not one positive comment spoken by anyone around me the 3 days I toured the Yamaha Market place. Good luck selling it, as the numbers alone are going to be the only factor, this thing makes a Rune look Beautiful. Anime to the xtreme.

To quote the Horse from Ren and Stimpy "No Sir, I didnt like it"
New American B King

Apparently there will be some new styling cues for the US version:


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I don't know who came up with "The King" concept, but it creeps me the hell out.
I don't know who came up with "The King" concept, but it creeps me the hell out.
Ain't THAT the truth! I really like the one with the hamburgers bouncing around in the two guy's stomachs though.
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