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Suzuki DR-Z250 Feedback

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I'd be a lot more likely to buy something like this for up at the lake than a race bike. I haven't really considered dirt bikes much before, but it's starting to sound like fun.
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Sounds like a bad choice for me. If Calvins' 150 is taxing the suspension, my 250 will break the frame in half. This bike seems to be heavily weighted toward the play bike spectrum, which is why I am glad you reviewed it the way you did, cause I got the feeling it was a competitor to the WR250. One other comment..Did you guys uncork the exhaust?

Looking at the pics from this review made me think that you guys should do a map/story on the places around you that you ride. There is nothing like that within 8 hours of me in SE Michigan.
There's no way to un-cork the ezhaust without getting rid of the spark-arrestor as well. Yoshimura already makes some stuff for the bike, though. They're definately worth contacting.
Would it be possible to adjust the clutch cable to make it engage further from the bar? If the clutch doesn't slip at all when the cable is pulled on a bit by the adjusters, then the cable and clutch springs might wear out faster, but you won't have to work so hard to get the clutch to slip. I've never tried it, but it seems like it might work. I enjoy the diversity of dirtbikes in MO.
Even after adjusting the clutch it still didn't perform correctly. Believe me, we tried :)
Darn right about the lack of riding around SE Michigan. You've got to go at least 3 hours up I-75 before you get anything better than a farmers field. Michigan is the worst place to be a biker (except for the first Sunday in May at Suzy Greenway's).
sounds like an excuse to burn some of the clutch away to me......
That was a really good article MO. The best I've read from you for a while in fact.

There were some good technical details and some good commentary on what the thing was like to ride. Some great pictures to.

I hope to read some more stories like that real soon.
I enjoyed your review of the Suzuki 250. In it you said the Suzuki is better that the Honda XR250 but you don't say why. Is it faster? Is it lighter? Is it smoother? Does it handle better? Is it more comfortable? Is it just your general opinion that you would rather have a new bike with electric start over a five year old design with kick start only? My goal here is not to challenge your reasons for preferring the Suzuki over the Honda but to simply discover what those reasons are.
I was thinking exactly the same thing...

This article was particularly well written, the pictures were compelling, and having read it, I am thinking more about off-road riding.

Good article!
YES....diversity is great.As much as i enjoy the sport bike and roadrace coverage,I am a tour bike/Motocross(vintage)/offroader and would like coverage of it all.My son and I did a stupid thing last summer and sold the KDX200-how i miss it.!I had decided on anXR250 as replacement to use as a practice/fun bike.I was surprised to see you rated the Suzook higherthan the XR.I really enjoyed the article ,thought it was insightful and seemed to indicate the XR would be a better buy....then at the end you favored the Suzook.Could you explain why?Again thanks for the article...can the TT250 be next?
First Sunday in May every year Suzy Greenway (former pinup for Norton and president of Internation Norton Owners Association) opens her place just south of Stockbridge to anyone who can get there.

Hundreds of bikes (which is a lot for Michigan) and it takes me about 3 hours to get there. I start in Royal Oak, work my way through Wixom, then Ann Arbor picking up riding buddies. Send me an e-mail if you want more info. cbibbs AT home DOT com

Re: Riding in Michigan

Yes, SE Michigan doesn't have much. BUT if you go north of Saginaw and Grand Rapids, there are 2,000 miles of approved trails for off road riding.

Join the Cycle Conservation Club.

Michigan (aside for the short summers) is a GREAT place for dirt biking.
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