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Suzuki M109R or Yamaha Road Star Warrior?

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I think I got some left over meds from the creepy Mexican disease I had about 3 weeks ago. Want any?

How about some Vicodin?

I don't know about an RV, but sign me up for a boat!

Buy any new Ebay bikes?
I love old bikes. I suck with a wrench. Some people dream of a live-in maid -- I dream of a live-in mechanic. matter how gay that sounds! :)
I like how the advertised mileage of hybrid cars are soooooo far off from being accurate.
From an advertising and marketing standpoint the Suzuki hasn't done much in promoting the M109R.

I wonder why.

The bike was out for quite some time before anyone seemed to do a right up on it.
I guess your best option is to buy one of the retro ducs you’ve been drooling over.

Old school looks with modern reliability.

I'm just gonna keep bringin' up the retro ducs until you buy one...
No kiddin'!

The naming convention sucks from a marketing standpoint. There is nothing for the consumer to grab a hold of.
Yeah, I've got a laundry list of gun accessories that I am in need of.

I might even pick up another AR-15 if decent hi-cap mags are available. Mag for that gun were the worst that I have ever delt with.

Mini-14s, AKs, FALs; nothing compares to the crap mags that you have to deal with for an AR.

My one regret in terms of firearms was when I sold my 1952 Garand.

Let hope there aren't any dumb @ss kids or postal workers that go on a shooting rampage between now and the next election...
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Nah, I gave up debating guns/gun laws a loooong time ago.

I don't mind talking about firearms, though.

I loved the Garand, but the limitation of the 8 shot clip can be a bit tiresome.

…but I do miss that *KLANG* sound when the steel clip ejects on the last round…

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1 - 10 of 92 Posts
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