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Suzuki M109R or Yamaha Road Star Warrior?

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Don't worry, the 80s are coming back now so break out your leg warmers.

I've already seen some goofballs walking around with their collars flipped up in the back.

That mustache of your just might come back in style! Good thing you kept it!
Gas prices are high. It's time to get a great deal on a boat or RV.
No but still snooping.

I'm gonna hafta steal someone's toolbox cuz no one works on two-strokes anymore.

How far is it to mscuddy's house?
Since you've completely missed the point again I'll try to explain it to you.

People do stupid things over things like the price of fuel (which adjusted for inflation still ain't that bad) like trading in their car, taking a huge loss in the process, then paying a premium price for some hybrid car in order to "save money on gas."

Which means that all those fuel burning toys will be availble for the wily purchaser at an enormous discount. There are an awful lot of people who buy high, sell low.

By the way, get a boat that you can trailer cuz gas is much cheaper at the local station than it is at the docks.
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Every time I attempt to do something on my own I inevitably screw it up and then take it down to my friend/mechanic's house.

He just looks at me and says, "you do what your best at and let me do what I'm best at."

I'll keep trying though!

Just try calling some of your local shops and say "two-stroke" and all you hear is a click and a dial tone.

There is a local wrench that specializes in CBXs though. My brain just won't let me pay more than the original price for one! There's got to be a little old lady with one.....somewhere.
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Interesting that Ducati just sent an email for the Sport Classic open house in June.
Re: Actually

If I was a low level manager at Boeing I'd be worried about gas prices too.
Re: Actually

I can get you in at the bottom and you can work your way up.
I think Suzuki should stick with what it knows best. Kick ass sportbikes.

The whole marketing of the "Boulevard" line is just so lame with the cubic inch displacement thing being number one on the lame list.

You don't even get my insults anymore!

I meant a low level manager at Boeing doesn't make enough money and that's why he is worried about gas prices.

I was all set for the compare paychecks post, the SAT scores post, the kid in college post, the new house and the Lexus post.

You really let me down.
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