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Suzuki M109R or Yamaha Road Star Warrior?

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Ya think Gas Prices are going to come down? I don't think so..$3.00/gal is the floor not the ceiling. $4.00 by the end of the summer.. Better trade that BMW in for a hybrid or diesel... or ride to work on your Duc.. I guess you could run diesel in a boat and get a Diesel pusher RV...The future I have been predicting is here Buz....Motorcycles/scooters may become the eco lover choice.. Seen more bikes in the HOV lanes here in Seattle.

Gas has exceeded the record high price adjusted for inflation set in 1981. Looks like you also missed my point.. This is floor not the celing .. at $4.00 a gallon how attractive will be SUVs and Boats.

Facts and Data
Re: Actually

Actually if you knew our products better, our 787 has better fuel efficiency than the competing AirBus models.. Even our old models are better...And the declining dollar makes our exports cheaper. Maybe I should be cheering W's reckles fiscal policy...Boeing booms usually lag the general economy booms and busts do as well. So as the next 2 years has your Amway home business is fading... we will still be booming...But the Boeing busts are tramatic... So I might working for your Amway pyrimad thing.. (you know I just kidding right.)
Re: Actually

1 - 4 of 92 Posts
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