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Suzuki M109R or Yamaha Road Star Warrior?

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Yep, or any another bike that you've actually been able ride.

After thinking about it though, I do recall seeing test rides offered at BIG events. But the inconvenience of waiting for something like this, to me makes it easier to go to an HD, Buell or BMW dealer. Ride it first, then make a purchase decision with complete information.
i agree that a comparison test is in order. include more than the two mentioned, please. i suggest warrior, roadliner, v-rod, M104R, VTX1800, and that big 2-liter kawi. throw in the rocket iii just for yucks.
Just when you think you've seen it all. About 2 hours ago I was sitting at a stoplight and saw a chopped trike at the cross street. As it motored off I was thinking "Hey, that doesn't sound like a 45 degree V-Twin". So I looked more closely and saw that it was a custom V-Star engined Trike.

Now I've seen it all.

(BTW. 10-22 hi-cap mags are cheap as hell again. Pick up a bunch before the democrats take over.)
Hey, no fair, that's what I was going to say. Well actually the M109, Warrior, and maybe a couple more actually handle better than most cruisers especially for their size. I don't buy the fact that if a bike is a cruiser it's an excuse to install cheap handling components. BTW, to me the M109 has a better, more modern motor. Both look cool though. I rode the M109 and I can tell you it is substantially quicker. Also I love the rear tire, large enough but not too large.
Re: Actually


You don't even get my insults anymore!

I meant a low level manager at Boeing doesn't make enough money and that's why he is worried about gas prices.

I was all set for the compare paychecks post, the SAT scores post, the kid in college post, the new house and the Lexus post.

You really let me down.
My buddy from down the street just rode over on his '81 IT465. Sweet. Came by to borrow my dial indicator.

Get the toostroke.
Why fiddle around with the pretenders when you can go straight out and buy the real deal... 2300cc of real deal at your local Triumph dealer. Davo
M109R was a German WWII fighter plane--just delete the R.
I think he is confessing an unnatural cumpulsion to diddle wonks. I think we should try to not be too judgemental.
I once had a friend come over so we could put new rings and pistons on my Suzuki 500. We got ready to start, but I needed to use the bathroom first. By the time I got back, he had it apart and was asking me where the new rings and pistons were. Just stay away from the transmission. The Horror! The Horror!
Me109, to be exact. There was an R, that held the world speed record for ten or fifteen years. Man, I am SUCH as geek!
Any personality image you can get simply by owning something is in my opinion a fake imagine.

And for everyones information, a sport bike does not have to be ridden at insane speeds to be fun, nor does it even have to go very fast, the only thing that makes a sport bike a sport bike is the same thing that makes a sports car a sports car, they handle really well. How can that ever be bad? Examples: RS125, RS250, Ninja 250, Ninja 500, CBR400, VFR400, porsche spyder etc. etc.
so... cruisers can't go over 100 ?

The wragged edge of death: one 550lb cruiser, one 300 lb fat old lady, one 200lb leather frilled biker, and only.... a single front disk. AHHHHH!
Harley didn't "Invent" anything. back in the old days poor kids rode Harleys and bad boys rode Brit bikes. The reason most clubs back then rode Harleys is because Harley was the perfect club bike, everything fit everything else so you could keep a Knucklehead running with Panhead parts and keep a Panhead running with Shovelhead parts...between the dozen or so guys in most clubs there'd be enough parts laying around to keep everything else running.

People have adopted a bad boy biker image to try to look cool and Harley is smart enough to market the look and foster an ownership comunity but they didn' "invent" anything, it was just the natural evolution of the lifestyle
Yeah, I've got a laundry list of gun accessories that I am in need of.

I might even pick up another AR-15 if decent hi-cap mags are available. Mag for that gun were the worst that I have ever delt with.

Mini-14s, AKs, FALs; nothing compares to the crap mags that you have to deal with for an AR.

My one regret in terms of firearms was when I sold my 1952 Garand.

Let hope there aren't any dumb @ss kids or postal workers that go on a shooting rampage between now and the next election...
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I think the Garand is all the gun anybody needs. Does anyone know how the hell we got on this subject when we started off talking about cruisers? Somehow, it's gonna end up being the Democrats fault, isn't it?
Nah, I gave up debating guns/gun laws a loooong time ago.

I don't mind talking about firearms, though.

I loved the Garand, but the limitation of the 8 shot clip can be a bit tiresome.

…but I do miss that *KLANG* sound when the steel clip ejects on the last round…

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Buy the Suzuki. I own a warrior. The only advantage is the warrior has a low lean angle. The Warrior will also shake the filling out of your teeth above 4000 rpm. Most of my total mileage is done commuting. 20K mile and my Warrior needed a complete overhaul. This bike was completely dealer serviced form day 1! BTW, Main bearings (plain) for the Warrior are not have to replace the entire case!! And this is on a bike with a 35lb crank. THANKS YAMAHA. Did I already say buy the Suzuki?
Or FXDSL2G4, Or BR549, Or....
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