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I've found a ton of V Stars for sale. I had assumed either people didn't like them or they are so popular everyone has an extra. I've found very few M50's for sale so it seems like when I find one, I must be getting a deal.

So there's no concern over the whole air cooled thing?

Also, would you say a fuel injected 800 is near equivalent in power to a carbed 1100?

I've got both sellers standing by. I'm sure they would weigh in if they knew I was asking.
Fuel injection has many attributes but it won't give you that much HP gain over well set up carbs. No way EFI is gonna make an 800 Vtwim equal to a 1100 Vtwin.

The Vstar isn't high enough output for air cooling to make much difference. At least you don't have to worry about coolant leaks and water pumps. The Japanese like to use technology for technology's sake sometimes, not because of any real needs for it. Witness overhead cams on Vtwins with 6000 rpm redlines... completely unecessary.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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