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Suzuki Racing Goes Digital

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Undoubtedly, new racing knowledge will trickle down into street motorcycles. Just look at automobiles these days (like the Corvette LS1 engine for example); roller cams, all-aluminum engines, state-of-the-art fuel injection and ignition systems, headers, and (with the LS6) titanium exhausts. Motorcycles have always been more radical than cars, and their technology will also flow down somewhat quicker.

Speaking of ProE, I spent last summer working at Lockheed Martin in Baltimore and they used ProE a ton, and everybody loved it.
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Dear Suzuki Racing:

I would love to become part of your team. I have over 7,800 hours Pro/E seat time, with advanced surfacing, casting, and machining experience. I also have over 17 years experience as a mechanical designer, with over 14 yearsa experience with AutoCAD. In addition, I am a major motorcycle entheusiast, who's been riding since '83, and since '85 exclusively on Suzuki's. I would like to be considered for a place on the team, where I feel I will be a major asset. Post here on the board if interested. Thanks.

p.s. Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please! Please!
as a Pro/E user for the last 4 years, i'll agree it is awesome, but it really only cost about $5000 for a fundamental design package.
Thanks for the spell check. And, no, but I enjoy Kirin, and Sapporo. Does that help?
any solidworks, solid modellers out there expert in plastic part design? we are hiring ! industrial design firm located in stamford ct,(40minsNYC)

e-mail yr resume and yr best solid work files to [email protected]

check out our website for a company profile.

pls no phone calls and don't waste time unless you meet the above requirements exactly!

thanks to mo for allowing this post.
I can't believe this... "foreign products have finally caught up with H-D..." Great, so now we won't be able to get through a GP race without everyone inexplicably coming to a stop, getting off their bikes trackside, fiddling around for a second and then scratching their heads and shrugging before they walk off and leave it for junk. May the rider with the most laps win!!
Any stonecutter can have a chisel and hammer. Few artisans (e.g. Michelangelo) can see the end result before removing the unnecessary marble to produce something like the Pieta. From what I hear, Pro/E is a fine tool to help genius create. Good luck to them, and may we all reap the benefits. Creating character and soul in a machine is hard to do.
Yes, Amen!! Of course, that is exactly what China and Iraq would love to see as well.
I do not care how much money any manufacturer spends or how much enthusiasm they have, there is no way on this earth that any high buck four stroke is going to have a chance in 500gp. Not until the 500s are banned from their own series.
Have you been watching the AMA Superbike series since H-D started racing again? I had really high hopes and expectations for them. Yes the "Furrin" products have caught up with H-D. Again. And again. And again. It's called BEING LAPPED!
Wow, you guys are a bit touchy about this. The origional post, I believe, was meant to be funny & I agree with him/her, a team choosing to use one software package is akin to a team choosing Craftmen tools over Snap-on. It really isn't newsworthy.
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