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A curious observation...

..from an admittedly lone perspective...

I reside in Louisiana where the bulk of ATV sales is to the hunting community and not the fledgling apprentice wannabe-squid generation. These savy woodsmen generally distain any hue and cry regarding land access/restriction - especially that which may eminate from the "left coast". But that does not mean that they are ignorant of the implications thereof - they are not yet personally affected. Should that infringment upon their percieved rights cast its sinister shadow in their direction, the response would be massive, in typical 2nd Amendment righteousness. Condemnation would be forthcoming in biblical proportions. Oh yes, they shall be heard - verily. For these good ol' boys spend big bucks on their toys; and they don't buy the bottom end ATVs - no, siree! It would appear that Suzuki has percieved a potentially profitable market niche, predictably ripe for exploitation. Carefully crafted marketing strategies which emphasize the well heeled, mature hunting community's ATV application/use and de-emphasize the irresponsible/immature juvenile (destructive?) unfettered ATV use (abuse?), would galvanize a coalition of quite diverse ATV enthusiasts to oppose these encroaching land access restrictions... Oh yes, it would also expand a modest market base to levels of enhanced sales potential. Do you suppose Suzuki has thought of this...?
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