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Suzuki's profits on the rise

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Re: Suzuki

Maybe because the SV650 is one of the most amazing bikes ever, and is absolutely dominating the 16-25 year old market segment? (not running off official statistics, just the fact that they're EVERYWHERE).
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Re: Suzuki

In my area I would say because of the GIXXers .....Id say70%of non HD/non cruisers are full out sportbikes(especially in the 18-25 age group)and at least half of those are SUzuki....ive only seen a couple SV650's.

That's sounds odd to me....

Where I live, Yamaha is the clear popularity contest winner (nothing against Suzuki, I used to have one, though I ride an R1 now.) Seems 50% of the bikes are R1's and R6's.
Where will they spend the money?

Now maybe they can put together a decent racing program somewhere besides the AMA!
Re: Suzuki

SV's and Bandits make up most of the bikes I pass on the road in the SF. Head to the central valley and Harleys become the norm. Though due to bikes being a viable form of transportation in the bay area, to where the central valley has plenty of space and Harleys are mainly weekend rides. Though most of the daily commuters I pass during my 80 mile commute are on ST's and Valkeries once I leave the confines SF.
Re: Suzuki

Yeah it had anything to do with that marketing blunder...get a grip, it's world wide profit.
Check your dangling modifiers

"No doubt helped by their impressive line of sportbikes and a complete overhaul of their ATV line, Reuters, Tokyo is reporting..."

Whoa. I didn't know Reuters, Tokyo, even made sportbikes and ATVs....
Suzuki SV650 and Bandit selling well?

I wish we had some official statistics on what are the top selling bikes. I myself have a Bandit 1200 and one of my friends has a SV650. But there are all types of models here in Miami. I'd GXSR is probably their top seller, specifically 1000.
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