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Re:closing dealers

Have you seen the new prices on the Triumphs? I think the '04 'Triple is going to be $8600(!).

And what kind of parts do you need to buy? Other than the 500 mile break-in and 12,000 mile interval service, I've had no reason to go to the dealer (well, other than to get the ECM programming rewritten). Hell, with the Castrol ActEvo erl from Chaparral and the FRAM oil filters at SuperWallies, I don't need to. My buddy ('00 'Triple) is my only other data point, and he hasn't had to go to the dealer either.

Now, my new ST doesn't start properly ( I suspect an incorrect setup), so I guess one should complete a good test drive before you leave the store. I'm waiting 'til my 500 mile service to get it fixed.

Mind you, this is from a guy with a dealer >only< 90 miles away.

GET THE TRIPLE! Then get your driver's license armor-plated.

While you are at the dealership, check out the armchaps from Burberry's. Very Tony! I understand they are coming out with WaxOil versions, for riding in nasty weather.
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