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Re: SV Owners Collectively Awarded Sanctimonious Prick Award

In other news, a spokesman for Arrogant Riders on Sport bikes (ARS) announced that the group after much discussion and a nationwide member vote has decided to accept the offer to join the Condecending Ar$eholes of America Group (CAAG).

In a statement released earlier, the President of ARS, Squid Lee said. "We still stand by our club charter; "If it doesn't 160 mph, then it 'ain't a motorbike." but when it came down to it, ARS and CAAG had one overriding belief that bound our groups." When pressed about the common tie he continued. "Both our groups believe that God gave us noses so that we could look down them."

A new name for this association is still pending although there is strong speculation that it may eventually become known as "The Republican party."
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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