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"SV650 Stage 3: Brakes" Reader Feedback

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Is the Ladies Man on staff now?

"Notice the lack of wang hugification."

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Re: SV Owners Collectively Awarded Sanctimonious Prick Award

Sanctimonious Prick Award Generates Controversy

Red "Knucklehead" McCoombs responded in a belch-punctuated 3 A.M. phone call to the SV Owners most recent award, which comes fast on the heels of their having been awarded the dreaded "Chicks think it's CUTE!" award last June. A partial transcript follows.

"I ain't sure what y'all are braggin' on - I mean, you could put that whole motor into one of mah Hog's cylinders. An' their ain't nowhere to put tassels or conchos or leather saddlebags on that SV thing... or a sissy bar. My hog's got real loud exhaust - and it's made in the YOU-ESS-AY! An' it's got better resale value, an' loud pipes, an' it shakes real hard at idle, an' Sonny Barger has one, an' loud pipes save lives. Plus, it's manly as *****. And loud. I park mine on a lace doily in the foyer off of the dining room, next to the Sharper Image solar-powered humidor/wine cellar/atomic clock combination I got from the firm for my 20th anniversary. The chrome compliments my collection of authentic Tribal Carvings. Did I mention how loud it is?
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1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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