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Swarovski ZX-12R

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Liberace Lives!!! ...and he has squidly tendancies...
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Re: Now wait a minute...

It's "christian" wackos like you, chasj1, that give the other normal ones a bad name. If you think your neat little post against taking God's name in vain will make a difference in someones life, think again... I bet your one of those idiots with a fish or Jesus sticker on your car, right? Leading the lost people of america to Christ with advertisements? When the end comes God will probably tell you what a fool you were for that kind of crap.
Actually, Kawasaki are directly responsible for this. I wonder why they are trying to demolish whatever the american press has left standing of the ZX-12R's reputation....

Supposedly its going to be featured in fashion advertisements and music videos. Maybe they are trying to catch the attention of a new demographic.
call most any dealer and ask for a price on left over '00 models. There is a $1k cashback from Kawasaki, on top of any deal you can work out. Most of the '00 models are going Out-The-Door for about $9000.

If the dealer you call isn't on the ball, call another one. or go to the ZX-12R section of and post a message asking if anybody can recommend a dealer with left over '00s at a good price.
That could be the stupidest thing I've ever seen. If it takes covering a perfectly good sportbike in crystals and surounding it with morons like minime to get the mainstream press to be interested in bikes, I'd rather they pay attention to something else.

I would like to see somebody lay it down at about 90mph to see what kind of sparks it would make though...
Here we go......

Man, who are we to argue with such a learned theologian as yourself? Perhaps the point isn't to make a difference in someone's life, but to make a difference in the language used on this message board. Presumeably you believe in God, as you have made the assumption that there will be an end, and at that point God will be assessing the situation. Given your attitude, I would be more concerned. There are those of us that know that Jesus died to save us from our sins. It is extremely aggravating to hear someone use His name as a casual expletive.

P.S. Yes, I have a "Jesus fish" on the back of my black, LT1-V8-powered, lifted, bumpin' Jeep.

"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this country was founded not by religionists, but by Christians, and not on religion, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here."

--------Patrick Henry
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Hat's off Swarovski!!

An excellent attempt at the gayest thing to do to a motorcycle.
Maybe the lack of demand has something to do with the 2000 mile break in period, or the fact that the oil needs to be a quart less than the prescribed amount for proper performance. Yeah, that bike is a deal at 9K, but 12K is outrageous (for a Japanese bike anyway). I think that Kawi let everyone down with the 12R because a top of the line bike should have the highest quality craftsmanship, which this bike certainly doesn't.
You guys are all missing the point...Can you say 'turbulators'??... Looks like the cat's out of the bag.

>>Yeah, that bike is a deal at 9K, but 12K is >>outrageous (for a Japanese bike anyway).

Who makes better bikes than the Japanese? What country made the 2000 GP and World Superbike champions? Japan. What countries bikes are worth more than 12K then when theirs arent? Italy? Yeah right. Italian bikes have become the posers bike of choice, so have at it buster.
They didn't pick a Harley. The tackiest bike in years is not a hog, it's a sport bike. Well, except for that Softail with breasts and legs I saw at Daytona. Bad taste knows no brand.
Coming soon to a rap video near you....

Sheesh- that's friggin' hideous.

Motorcycles as accessories? Puhhlease.
I want to CRASH it!

Just imagine...... it would be a sight to behold! I'd also like to roll up to tech inspection, with 50,000 individialy duct taped crystals :)
How about a full test of the bike? Maybe those little crystals stuck all over it will act like the divots on a golf ball, and give the zx-12 that extra bit of aero-slipperiness it needs to crack 200.

Then again, maybe its just a stupid idea and further proof that all these high-fashion types are a bunch of deluded retards. They only thing they could do to give the bike less credibility would be to put dirt bike tires on it with little crystals between the tread blocks.
No no.... It's a safety feature. I wanna see a picture of it at night with a set of hi beam HID headlights pointed at it. Bet I could see the reflected glow all the way here in North Carolina.
Done - they did that with the triumphs in MI-2, cept they forgot the crystals.
"If you get the chance to see the bike, it's definitely something you need to check out."

Yeah, I need to check out this bike like I need a hole in the head. Nice freakin' content. Give me a break. Oh, where do I send my money, sign me up for more of this stuff.

Has anyone seen my Gucci bag. And oh darling, those leathers are just wretched...

That... Is really, really bad for the eyes...

I think I need glasses now.
Re: Hat

Where are YOU from, baker? I'll bet you're french.
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