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Swarovski ZX-12R

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Liberace Lives!!! ...and he has squidly tendancies...
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jesus, that just plain sucks. i suppose it is not for me to say but the fashion industry as a whole is a nepotistic inbred orgy for a group of psuedo illuminati that keep each other in business and diet coke. there is no application for high fashion and please i beg you not to mention the word art in connection with it. as for the disgracing of a perfectly good motorcycle i think this should serve as a warning to us. you don't see Armani accessorized pick up trucks or packs of chewing tobacco. somewhere motorcycles lost their manliness. anyone who is sickened by the slow emasculation of motorcycles can't look at this development in anything but a negative light. the wild one would not stand for this.
Re: GAAACK!!!!

Well, at least someone found a use for the bike. :^)=
One question: how much does the damn thing weigh? Glass isn't exactly a lightweight material, and it's not replacing the stock body-work, it's glued to it. Not that this bike will ever be ridden, of course.

Sorry never heard that word "turbulators", so the post confused me. I agree it takes the fun out of the joke if you have to explain it. But then maybe it wasn't that funny if it had to be explained.

Somebody else likened this to the divots on golf balls flying further (more divots more speed).
I'd have to agree with most of the comments here, in that the bike looks hideous. But, in my opinion, it doesn't look any sillier than some of the fur covered bikes I've seen some of the squidly's ride. Or the chromo or flat black Ducati Monster. Or a street bike covered in stickers, aka racerboy. I guess it would be whatever floats your boat. Doesn't do anything for me though. More babes would have been nice to take up some space. :)
Re: Here we go......

You make good sense, Abe... point taken. But "whining" about people who take God's name in vain will only encourage naturally rebelious people to do it again and again. (notice the post below) We lead by example, not by words or fish stickers.
61 - 67 of 67 Posts
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